Completely committed to SAP.

Whether legacy or S/4HANA, you’ll accomplish your SAP transformation with top talent solutions by RED Global.

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Build a winning SAP team, get your project completed.


The speed of business digitisation is blinding. You need the best CIOs, consultants, and project managers to keep up. But the war for talent is fierce. You can’t risk your project going off-course due to poor management.

Put simply: you need world-class SAP talent to execute your project seamlessly. It’s possible. Just tell us what you need. How your business works. Your culture. Your vision. Let us take on the risk and help you find talent that fits. On-budget. On-time.

Global consultants for your S/4Hana migration. Trainers to help your SAP investment go further. Change managers to minimise disruption. Niche skills that seem impossible to find. There’s nothing we can’t help you with.

For over 20 years, we’ve been all about SAP. This is what we live and breathe. Partner with us to see for yourself how much better SAP teams are with RED involved.

Build a winning SAP team, get your project completed.



Our complete commitment to SAP and to you means we have evolved our offering to include intelligent technologies that support the digital transformations of our clients.

23 years later, SAP remains our core focus


    Need reliable SAP S/4Hana architects, consultants, developers, and project managers who know what they’re doing? We can help you build an expert team for your digital transformation.

  • Cloud Offerings

    Find the best candidates that can help you integrate the latest cloud offerings onto your SAP landscape.

  • Functional

    Match with expert functional SAP consultants who can transform your processes and/or systems to evolve your digital landscape.

  • Technical

    Covering every module, every business stream, and every industry, connect with SAP technical consultants and testers that can build, maintain, and upgrade your SAP systems.

  • Change Management & Training

    Get your team up to speed with SAP for maximum return on investment by tapping into our pool of dynamic change managers and experienced trainers.

  • Project/Programme Management

    We can provide SAP project and programme managers that can manage the whole project management lifecycle from proof of concept to cutover management.

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Case Studies

Case Studies

SAP Custom vs Standard - The Big Debate.


SAP standard vs custom is a major consideration faced in every SAP implementation, and with good reason. Both approaches have their pros and cons and can have a dramatic impact on your enterprise.

But just how did those with custom systems fare in the recent pandemic, given how quickly many organisations had to make changes because of it? We surveyed our clients to find out if custom or standard was the better choice. 

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