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As the digital world evolves, you need cloud professionals who are ready to react. Talent that embraces innovation. Talent that harnesses the power of SAP Cloud technology to design a better future.

Open up a world of possibilities with SAP Cloud experts. Professionals who exude confidence. Who know what they’re talking about. Who turn bold ideas into reality.

We’re here for you today for a stronger tomorrow. Building Cloud teams that make a real impact. From day one. We’re consultative. Collaborative. Connected. See how RED Global can help today. 

Unlock the power of SAP’s Cloud Offerings.

  • S/4 HANA

    Embrace S/4 HANA’s future-focused tech with experienced professionals at your fingertips.

  • Ariba

    Get the Ariba talent you need to optimise your digital procurement and supply chain processes.

  • Successfactors

    Empower your staff with S/4 technology consultants that reshape how you manage teams in Successfactors.

  • Hybris

    Transform your eCommerce and digital marketing strategy to boost profits, with Hybris consultants.

  • Fieldglass

    Manage your entire external workforce from invoicing to deployment, with Fieldglass consultants.

  • Concur

    Match with Concur specialists who can digitise spending and automate travel expenses.

  • Fiori

    Develop new apps and user experiences in less time with Fiori experts sourced by RED.

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Case Studies

Case Studies

SAP Custom vs Standard - The Big Debate.


SAP standard vs custom is a major consideration faced in every SAP implementation, and with good reason. Both approaches have their pros and cons and can have a dramatic impact on your enterprise.

But just how did those with custom systems fare in the recent pandemic, given how quickly many organisations had to make changes because of it? We surveyed our clients to find out if custom or standard was the better choice.