Become a RED Global Partner and unlock opportunity.

Get more referrals and expand your network with our RED Global Partner Programme. 

Pitch. Collaborate. Grow.


Occasionally, clients come to us with demands that we can’t fulfil alone. This is where our RED Global Partners come in.

As a RED Global Partner, you’ll help us give our clients maximum value from their investment in technologies. 

By working with other providers like you, we can deliver the best possible outcome to our clients. Whether that’s a simple referral agreement or full-delivery partnership. 

Our partner models ensure our clients, partners, and RED Global all benefit from each collaboration. So if you’re looking for more opportunities, become a RED Global Partner today.

As a RED Global Partner, you’ll benefit from:

  • Larger Reach

    Connect with more of your target market through our own marketing channels, social media, and exclusive network of clients.
  • Enhanced Capability

    Extend your delivery capability with access to complementary tech skills, and resources from our global talent pool.
  • Shared Opportunity

    We pitch your services to our clients if we can’t fulfil their needs; bringing you a new stream of leads, ready to bite.
  • Partner Referrals

    Gain access to our extended partner network. This allows you to connect with other RED partners for new opportunities.
  • Elevated Reputation

    If you’re new to the SAP ecosystem, you’ll be seen as more reputable by your prospective clients - since you’re affiliated with RED.
  • Greater Rewards

    Reap the rewards from our collaborative efforts to provide an increasingly comprehensive service to our clients.

RED Partners regularly meet to discuss:

How we work

  • Lead Engagement

    Sharing strategies for client propositions, evaluating target clients, and discussing leads.
  • Business Development

    Working with you to develop marketing and demand generation campaigns.
  • Client Opportunities

    Sharing new opportunities, developing joint bids, and crafting staffing engagement plans.

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