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With recruitment teams specialising in an array of business applications. And unrivalled talent networks that stretch across the world. We know what your ideal candidate looks like, without you wasting valuable time telling us. 

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  • Take advantage of Salesforce like never before with the best talent and most knowledgeable recruiters in the industry

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  • We know strong Oracle talent when we see it. Access our expertise and receive 2 quality CVs rather than 10 mediocre ones

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  • Let our MS Dynamics talent specialists help you battle the talent shortage, build a certified team, and level up your CRM

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  • The ServiceNow talent network and application expertise you need to successfully integrate this radical software

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    We know SAP. Better than anyone else. So if it’s quality SAP talent you need, RED Global is where you’ll find it

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Case Studies

Case Studies

SAP Salary Insights Guide 2022 USA: Candidates


If you're looking to negotiate a better SAP salary or want to know what benefits others are getting, our guide has the salary data you need:

  • Average contractor day rates
  • Average permanent salaries
  • Core SAP roles
  • Core SAP modules
  • Salary info across the US

Download our guide to inform your salary decisions and to find out what benefits employers are offering versus what employers want.