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RED recruiters have been nurturing our ServiceNow talent pipeline since before it was “cool.” With strong ties in the tech recruitment industry. And a deep knowledge of business applications. We saw ServiceNow’s popularity coming. So we got to work. 

Now, you can benefit from our global ServiceNow reach. And rich expertise in this up and coming business application. To streamline your business processes. Increase efficiency. And win big in a fast-moving world. 

Our recruitment specialists have relationships with strong SNOW candidates. And can help you build a team quickly. From ServiceNow software developers to architects, we’ll help you transition to SNOW and stay ahead of the curve.

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  • ServiceNow Engineers

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Case Studies

Case Studies

Efficiency Unleashed: SAP Utilities Transformation Workshop


Welcome to "Efficiency Unleashed: SAP Utilities Transformation Workshop" – a workshop for professionals in the ever-evolving utilities industry. In collaboration with SAP, we present an exclusive opportunity to stay ahead of the curve and drive efficiency and innovation.

Pedro Costa, Front Office Architect for Utilities at SAP, delves into the intricacies of SAP solutions. Discover the compelling reasons for adopting S/4HANA, explore the capabilities of S/4HANA Customer Engagement, learn about Fiori for utilities, Multi-Channel Foundation for utilities, SAP Customer Connect, and get a glimpse into the SAP S/4HANA Utilities Trial.

Fill in the form below to access the recording and unlock insights that will transform your approach to utilities. Stay ahead in the industry – unleash efficiency!