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The key to a successful S/4 transformation is finding the right people with the right skillset.

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Evolve into the S/4HANA era with confidence.


As the deadline looms for S/4HANA, it’s time to get your teams ready for tomorrow. Sourcing talent that can take your SAP infrastructure into a cloud-based future is no easy feat.

We know it’s a complex, lengthy, and costly move to make. So you can’t afford mediocre talent. You need a strong team who can ensure your migration is flawless. Measured. Strategic. 

Talent that can cover every cloud offering. Talent that fits in with your team. Talent that can help you prove S/4HANA was a worthwhile investment to your superiors.

You need a recruitment team that knows S/4HANA. That knows SAP. S/4HANA talent that exceeds expectations. You want to minimise risk. Build a long-term recruitment strategy. 

This is what we offer here at RED: your total S/4HANA talent solution.

Evolve into the S/4HANA era with confidence.

Building the right team to make the move to S/4HANA.

Brownfield. Greenfield. Landscape Transformation.

Whatever your migration option, we have the talent you need to deliver.

  • SAP Architects
  • Data Experts
  • SAP Application experts - functional & S/4HANA functional
  • ABAP

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Case studies.

Case Studies

SAP Custom vs Standard - The Big Debate.


SAP standard vs custom is a major consideration faced in every SAP implementation, and with good reason. Both approaches have their pros and cons and can have a dramatic impact on your enterprise.

But just how did those with custom systems fare in the recent pandemic, given how quickly many organisations had to make changes because of it? We surveyed our clients to find out if custom or standard was the better choice.