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Create lasting SAP success with tailored training solutions by RED Global.

Preparing your team for tomorrow.


The success of your SAP project rests on the adoption of its users. Their knowledge. Advocacy. Motivation. You need them ready for Go-Live. Informed. Synchronised. Capable.

We help you define what you need to get your teams comfortable with the changes. From curriculum development to selecting trainers. With RED Global you can ensure user adoption and boosted productivity, with minimal disruption. 

RED Global’s training programmes are built for your team. Your vision. Your SAP infrastructure. Transforming teams into SAP ambassadors. Leaving no one in the dark. 

  • Contract Recruitment

    Delivering high-calibre SAP and tech contractors within 48 hrs, and teams of consultants who’ve worked together before.

  • Permanent Recruitment

    With deep insights into your company and a thorough evaluation of your needs, we match you with the best fit for long-term success. 

  • Executive Recruitment

    Combining our extensive network of high-level executives with an extensive understanding of technology to provide outstanding leadership solutions. 

  • Resource Budgeting

    We take the guesswork out of managing your talent budget and help you stay profitable with detailed resource budgeting strategies.

  • Project Advisory

    Our consultative approach means you’ll have our guidance and unique insights every step of the way to ensure the success of your project.

  • Onsite/Offshore/Nearshore

    If you need talent placed in another country or need talent willing to locate, we have consultants placed in every corner of the globe who are ready to help. 

  • Training Solutions

    Offering RED Global training solutions for the entire SAP lifecycle to fully prepare your entire team for Go-Live. Customised on-site, online, and hybrid learning.

  • Testing Solutions

    RED Global’s ERP testing consultants can assist your implementation team with manual or automated testing, providing a check on your integrator to ensure a smooth Go-Live. 

  • Life Sciences

    Life science companies often encounter major challenges trying to source rare SAP and technology talent for their global commercial and manufacturing operations.

  • SI Collaboration

    Our strong partnerships with SIs mean RED Global knows what skills gaps you’ll have on your project. Working with RED Global and your SI, we can craft a comprehensive staffing solution for the most challenging projects.

  • Technology Consulting Recruitment

    For our technology consulting clients, we understand you’re facing unique pressures. To fulfill client contracts. Source talent for busy periods. Find complex skill sets in a competitive recruitment market.

  • Content Development

    Your needs are identified. Educational courses and materials are developed. Aligned to your audience, standardised and coherent.
  • End-User Training

    Self-paced courses, classroom/remote classes, and tutorial creation not just for introductory lessons but for refresher and new hire training too.
  • Train-The-Trainer

    Teaching your trainer how to implement your tailored education programme to ensure student engagement and consistency.
  • E2E OCM Programme

    Including change impact analysis, stakeholder mapping, communications, change readiness, and risk mitigation.
  • Dedicated LMS

    Designing the online SAP courses, training tools, and learning software to facilitate your end-users SAP training.
  • Training Evaluations

    Evaluating trainer performance, course content, and adjusting based on your feedback and our analysis.
  • Assess

    Identifying your SAP training needs, setting goals and a master plan to achieve them, and agreeing on a delivery approach.
  • Design

    Working with you to develop training materials, LMS, outline facility and equipment needs, and ensure minimal disruption.
  • Deliver

    Implementing all training programmes, evaluating their success, and providing ongoing support.
  • Engagement Objectives

    Partner with Teva IT to deliver a training and change management programme for 5,000 global SAP users. Identify and mitigate risks. Customise a programme for all business streams.
  • RED solution

    RED provided a team of 27 SAP trainers and OCM consultants to collaborate with Teva’s core team. Initiated OCM plan, developed materials, and delivered training to all users.
  • Results

    In collaboration with Teva, RED implemented over 180 training programmes to over 5,000 users. The success achieved led to TEVA partnering with RED in additional global OCM programmes.

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