Future-ready leaders. Sourced to last.

Outstanding CIOs, VPs, Directors, and Executive talent ready to make a lasting impact. 

Remarkable leaders, ready for change.


Choosing a search partner for your executive hire requires discretion and trust. To connect you with the right candidates. To drive innovation. To have a lasting impact.

Talent that knows your sector and the complexities of your ecosystem. That understands your challenges. That knows how to overcome them. 

With RED Global’s talent management strategies, leadership development, executive assessments, and succession planning, you can be sure that the people we recommend are truly the best fit. 

  • Contract Recruitment

    Delivering high-calibre SAP and tech contractors within 48 hrs, and teams of consultants who’ve worked together before.

  • Permanent Recruitment

    With deep insights into your company and a thorough evaluation of your needs, we match you with the best fit for long-term success. 

  • Executive Recruitment

    Combining our extensive network of high-level executives with an extensive understanding of technology to provide outstanding leadership solutions. 

  • Resource Budgeting

    We take the guesswork out of managing your talent budget and help you stay profitable with detailed resource budgeting strategies.

  • Project Advisory

    Our consultative approach means you’ll have our guidance and unique insights every step of the way to ensure the success of your project.

  • Onsite/Offshore/Nearshore

    If you need talent placed in another country or need talent willing to locate, we have consultants placed in every corner of the globe who are ready to help. 

  • Training Solutions

    Offering RED Global training solutions for the entire SAP lifecycle to fully prepare your entire team for Go-Live. Customised on-site, online, and hybrid learning.

  • Testing Solutions

    RED Global’s ERP testing consultants can assist your implementation team with manual or automated testing, providing a check on your integrator to ensure a smooth Go-Live. 

  • Life Sciences

    Life science companies often encounter major challenges trying to source rare SAP and technology talent for their global commercial and manufacturing operations.

  • SI Collaboration

    Our strong partnerships with SIs mean RED Global knows what skills gaps you’ll have on your project. Working with RED Global and your SI, we can craft a comprehensive staffing solution for the most challenging projects.

  • Technology Consulting Recruitment

    For our technology consulting clients, we understand you’re facing unique pressures. To fulfill client contracts. Source talent for busy periods. Find complex skill sets in a competitive recruitment market.

  • Unique Understanding

    We know what you need from executive search: 20 years of SAP exec experience. Unrivalled industry understanding. Market intelligence. Guaranteed the best outcome, every time.
  • Customer Focus

    You come first with RED Executive. We take on a limited number of assignments at any given time, so you’ll get the highest level of quality and service from our dedicated team.
  • Enhanced Agility

    We deliver highly-tailored search strategies. Our Executive team works across the globe. This means we can adapt quickly to reflect your hiring requirements. Nothing is off the shelf with RED.
  • Global Reach

    You’ll have access to an international pool of executive talent. All thanks to our international network of candidates and specialist search consultants reaching every corner of the world.
  • Robust Strategy

    Your tailored solution will consist of digital advertising, direct contact with dormant, passive, and active candidates, and reaching hundreds of thousands of candidates on our social media channels.
  • Highly Confidential

    With RED Executive, you can trust that we’ll implement our search strategies with the highest degree of discretion. Our clients enjoy full confidentiality, no matter how high the stakes.
  • Partner

    Taking the responsibility of acting on your behalf seriously by speaking with your voice to the outside world.
  • Assess

    Building a list of credible candidates, handpicked based on their skills, emotional intelligence, and values.
  • Engage

    Ensuring complete transparency with candidates and hiring managers. Engaging both to build strong relationships.
  • Monitor

    Maintaining contact with you and your new employee for regular feedback, progress reports, and continued relationships.

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SAP Custom vs Standard - The Big Debate.


SAP standard vs custom is a major consideration faced in every SAP implementation, and with good reason. Both approaches have their pros and cons and can have a dramatic impact on your enterprise.

But just how did those with custom systems fare in the recent pandemic, given how quickly many organisations had to make changes because of it? We surveyed our clients to find out if custom or standard was the better choice. 

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