Why remote working is the best way to attract tech talent

30th September 2022

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Pre-pandemic, remote and hybrid working models were out of reach for most SAP and tech workers, bar a lucky few awarded such privileges only after years of service. Even tech giants like Google and Twitter preferred a lively office packed with tech professionals to a remote environment. 

Of course, the Covid-19 pandemic changed the future of work, likely forever. Stay-at-home mandates gave most non-essential industries no choice but to implement a fully remote work model for their teams. 

But now, as we cautiously emerge from a Covid-controlled society, what role does remote work play in attracting top SAP and tech talent to your business? Is a remote work model still the right move for modern businesses? 

In this article, we’re answering these questions and more as we explore:

  • What tech worker’s views on remote work are today
  • How offering remote work helps you recruit tech talent
  • Why tech talent want to work remotely in 2022
  • And how to create a successful remote work strategy 

Let’s get started. 

Do tech employees want remote work? What the figures say

A recent Upwork study estimates that 87% more US workers will work remotely by 2025 than those who worked from home before the pandemic. And if SAP and tech attitudes to remote work stay close to the current sentiment, we can certainly see this happening.

  • RED Global: Our 2022 salary survey showed that post-pandemic a whopping 98% of SAP candidates can work remotely. Prior to Covid, 85% were able to do so but only occasionally.  51% of survey respondents said they would prefer to work remotely full time. 36% would be happy with a hybrid approach of 3 days remote and 2 days onsite., and 85% of SAP candidates can work remotely on occasion. A massive 51% said they’d prefer to work remotely full-time.  
  • Eden: Another study by Eden of 1K tech workers tells us that 42% of tech workers in the baby boomer age range would prefer to work from home full time, while half of the millennials surveyed and 42% of Gen X would prefer a hybrid model. 
  • Zapier: According to Zapier, 61% of Americans would actually resign if a remote working opportunity arose elsewhere, and 32% of workers already did quit because their employer didn’t offer remote working as an option. 

In other words, most SAP and tech employers are offering remote work, and most SAP and tech workers want to work either fully remote or in a hybrid model. So if you want to compete in this post-pandemic world, you must follow suit.

The benefits of a remote work strategy for SAP and tech employers.

Not convinced about a remote work strategy yet? See how you, as an employer, can benefit from offering remote work to your current and potential tech hires. 

  • Happier employees: According to Zapier, 91% of respondents said that remote work contributes to their work-related happiness. And if staff are happy, they’ll stay longer
  • Increased productivity: A Stansford study found that remote workers achieve 13.5% higher productivity levels than non-remote employees and take fewer sick days 
  • Higher staff retention: Offering remote work options not only helps you attract top tech talent, but it also helps you to keep them at your company long-term
  • Fewer overheads: With the increase in energy bills and running costs for office space, it makes financial sense to cut operational expenditure and increase profit
  • Tech talent acquisition: Offering remote work widens your tech talent network, allowing you to attract workers from further afield who possess specialized skills
  • Tech talent attraction: Tech workers now expect remote work. If you don’t meet their remote work needs, they’ll likely choose to work with a competitor over you

The benefits of remote work for SAP and tech employees

We’ve covered how implementing a remote work model for your SAP and tech employees benefits you, but what’s driving employee demand for remote work? Below, we explore the benefits of a remote work environment for your tech staff.

  • Better work/life balance: Tech employees save a considerable amount of time by removing their daily commute to and from work, offering them more time to themselves outside of work
  • Cost savings: Paying for lunches, travel expenditures, and work clothes can wrack up quite the bill. Remote working can help offset the cost of living crisis by cutting these expenses
  • More opportunities: By working remotely, tech employees can access job opportunities that otherwise wouldn’t be available to them - sometimes with better benefits and compensation
  • Improved wellbeing: Many tech employees find working from home improves their mental health, as they have a better work/life balance and remove the stress of commuting
  • Fewer distractions: With all the impromptu conversations and workplace noise, working in an office can make it more difficult for tech workers to focus on the task at hand

How to create a successful remote work strategy: Our top tips

You now know why it’s vital to offer remote work to attract and keep tech and SAP employees, but how do you make remote working successful in your business? Below are some of our top pointers for an effective remote workplace strategy. 

#1 Assess the situation 


Work out what specific tech roles you can offer as a fully remote position and what roles lend themselves better to a hybrid work model. If choosing a hybrid work model, outline how many days you’ll need specific tech employees on-site.  

#2 Set clear expectations


The secret to a successful remote work model is developing a sense of routine. Make it clear to your tech employees what their day will look like. Outline when meetings will happen, lunch times, deadlines, and responsibilities to keep your employees organized. 

#3 Reinforce your culture


Since your employees won’t have opportunities to socialize in your workplace, you must create spaces to promote and build your culture virtually. Casual virtual events, in-person meetups, culture guidelines, and culture feedback discussions can go a long way. 

#4 Promote remote wellbeing


Working from home can make it difficult for tech employees to “switch off.” Ensure you’re giving your employees resources to help them create a healthy work/life balance, like setting clear start and end times, and suggesting productivity-boosting tactics.

#5 Upgrade your tech stack


Ensure your tech employees have access to all the tools and technology needed to carry out their jobs effectively while working remotely. From video conferencing subscriptions to specialized hardware, assess gaps in your remote tech stacks and fill them. 

Need help navigating a remote work world? Let our recruitment consultants help

We cannot overstate the benefits of offering remote work to attract and retain top tech talent post-pandemic. It’s no longer a nice-to-have but a must-have if you want to combat the talent shortage and get the best SAP and tech staff on your team. 

Need help attracting SAP and tech talent? Take your recruitment strategy up a notch with RED Global. With an unrivaled talent pool of highly sought-after SAP and tech candidates and a deep knowledge of the market, we already have your perfect fit on our books.

Get incredible support from recruitment consultants who know SAP and tech better than anyone else. 

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