How to build a successful Salesforce career

23rd September 2022

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Starting a career in Salesforce is an excellent move. The demand for Salesforce professionals has been consistently high for many years, which means anyone looking to get into this industry will enjoy a wealth of job opportunities plus a competitive salary. 

Salesforce experts are highly sought-after around the globe for their niche skill sets and ability to improve business functions, productivity, and operational efficiency by implementing their extremely popular CRM.  

And while you might start out in a junior Salesforce support, consulting, analyst, development, or architectural role, it won't take long for you to climb the ladder into more high-paying positions as you add more experience to your resumé.

If you're wondering how to get into the Salesforce industry, you're in the right place. We're here to help with our top five tips for starting a rewarding Salesforce career. Let's get started.  

How to get into Salesforce and build a rewarding career 

IDC estimates that the Salesforce ecosystem will produce a whopping 9.3 million jobs between 2021 and 2026. So there's never been a better time to get your foot in the Salesforce door. Follow our 5 top tips below to maximize your chances of Salesforce career success.


Tip #1 Educate yourself 


Whether you're already a tech professional or completely new to this industry, Salesforce makes it easy to learn its technology with many free educational resources available.  

Make sure you're not only learning about the technical aspects of Salesforce but also how businesses use Salesforce and why. Broad knowledge of these key elements will make you a desirable Salesforce candidate. 

From free online courses to video tutorials, you can develop a deep understanding of the Salesforce CRM from the comfort of your home and in your own time. Here are some of the best educational tools and resources to get you started. 

Online courses

  • Trailhead: This is Salesforce's very own learning platform for any budding Salesforce professionals who want to develop their skill set. You'll complete several modules, including theoretical and practical lessons, to help you get to grips with their CRM solution. 
  • Certification webinar: Sign up for Salesforce's next certification prep webinar, which will set you up for success and offer invaluable lessons on how to get ready for and pass your certification examination. 


  • Salesforce's YouTube: If you learn best by watching videos, then Salesforce's very own YouTube channel is for you. Packed with helpful tutorials, in-depth product explanations, and more, this is a great place to get basic Salesforce training.


Tip #2 Improve your soft skills


Soft skills are more related to your personality, character traits, and interpersonal skills than your technical skills. 

And even though Salesforce jobs are very tech-heavy, employers are looking for Salesforce candidates that aren't just skilled at using the CRM. 

They're also looking for Salesforce professionals who possess strong soft skills, like: 

Communication skills

Salesforce professionals must know how to communicate complicated technical subjects to their non-technical colleagues and management and converse effectively with other Salesforce staff to carry out projects successfully. 

Collaboration skills

Employers want Salesforce professionals with a strong team mindset who play well with others and can work hard together to deliver their specific business objectives. If you're a lone wolf, Salesforce may not be the career choice for you.

Critical thinking 

Critical thinking helps you to think outside the box and make informed decisions to spur Salesforce innovation for businesses. Salesforce requires an analytical mindset that enables you to identify problems from different angles and develop creative, innovative solutions. 


Employers don't want to have to micromanage their Salesforce teams. So they look for candidates with proactive qualities that enable them to think ahead, implement solutions on their own initiative, and keep improving their infrastructure - without being prompted to.


The digital world is evolving at an incredible pace, so as a Salesforce professional, you'll need to know how to keep up. As the market and technology change, you must react fast with a growth mindset.  

Want to learn more about these soft skills and how you can master them? Check out our other blog, "The top 5 most desirable soft skills in tech and IT roles".


Tip #3 Develop your personal brand


Do you update your LinkedIn profile regularly? Is your professional experience visible online? If not, now is the time to start building your personal brand. 

Building a personal brand, especially on LinkedIn, will help show off your expertise in the industry, achievements, passion for Salesforce, and learning journey - making you more desirable to employers. 

Recruitment professionals often use LinkedIn to search for Salesforce candidates, so if you fill your profile with rich information about your Salesforce experience, you will likely show up on their radar and receive offers in your inbox. 

Want to learn more about building your personal brand? Check out our other blog, "How to create your personal online brand".


Tip #4 Network with others in the industry

Salesforce is the world's No.1 CRM for a massive 150,000 companies. As a result, they also have a ton of employees - an eye-watering 78,000 to be exact! 

This gives those just starting their Salesforce careers ample networking opportunities. Here are some ways you can begin building your professional Salesforce network.

  • Trailblazer Community: Salesforce has their own community forum where you can connect with others on their Salesforce learning journey, ask questions, and get support.
  • Follow people on Twitter: Salesforce has a handy list of Salesforce leaders and professionals to follow on Twitter to kickstart your network and stay on top of industry news. 
  • Salesforce slack groups: Salesforce released another list of community groups dedicated to Salesforce on slack, an excellent place to network with others like you.
  • Salesforce Reddit group: Love Reddit? It's useful for more than just Cat memes. You can connect with other Salesforce learners and professionals in their dedicated Subreddit.
  • Attend their events: Salesforce has a vast range of events to choose from, both online and offline, which provide fantastic networking opportunities for Salesforce newbies. 
  • Connect with a mentor: Salesforce's Trailblazer Community offers a mentorship program for anyone interested in building their career on this platform. We'd highly recommend getting one to help nurture you along your journey.


Tip #5 Give Salesforce your all

To succeed in the Salesforce industry, you must be committed. You must fuel your passion daily, carving out as much time as possible to upskill, learn Salesforce inside and out, and practice what you've learned.

If you don't commit yourself, it will take much longer to reach any notable levels of success in your career. So make sure you take full advantage of all the networking and free Salesforce training opportunities available.  

Find what aspects you love about Salesforce the most and dive into it with all your might. The more specialized you become, the more desirable you'll be to a future employer looking for your precise skill set. 

Let our recruitment consultants guide the way

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