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Mastering Data Management: A Guide for Cloud Professionals & Employers

19th October 2023

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As the very survival of most organisations now relies on cloud technology, data management has never been more mission critical. 

In turn, data management skills have become a highly sought-after role requirement, giving cloud professionals within this niche an edge.

But, there's a catch. Finding the right talent for these data management roles can be like searching for a needle in a digital haystack.

That's where tech recruitment agencies like RED Global come into play.

We specialise in connecting skilled cloud professionals with companies in need of their data management expertise.

But what does it take to become a data management specialist, and how can employers hire these rare-finds? 

Tap into the experience-backed expertise in our guide below to find out.

Why data management skills matter when hiring cloud professionals.

Data management skills aren’t just ‘desirable’; they're in extremely high demand. But why is this? Let’s look at three key reasons below.

#1 Supporting business infrastructure

Efficient data storage, processing, and analysis are the very foundation of businesses that rely on cloud technologies.

Without a strong data management plan in place, the cloud's transformative potential remains as just that: potential

#2 Ensuring cloud success

Data management-savvy cloud professionals ensure that vast amounts of data are organised, secured, and optimised for analysis.

They’re the architects of cloud success, ensuring data flows seamlessly through the digital veins of an organisation.

Handling intricate tasks like data visualisation, data modelling, data integrity, data governance, and data integration… without a data manager, business processes will inevitably suffer.

#3 Translating cloud data

Data management professionals act as navigators in the complex cloud data landscape. 

They have the knowledge and skills to make sure that data is not only accessible but also reliable.

This reliability is essential for decision-making, ensuring that businesses can confidently rely on data-driven insights to drive growth.

What data management skills employers look for in cloud professionals.

When employers seek cloud professionals with data management skills, they’re looking for individuals who can navigate the complex web of data in the cloud.

Specific skills are highly coveted, like expertise in managing data lakes, database administration, and proficiency in big data technologies.

Data Lakes

Data lakes are the repositories of the future, and professionals who can effectively manage them are in high demand.

Employers are seeking data management experts who can structure, secure, and extract insights from these vast data reservoirs.

Being proficient in technologies like Apache Hadoop and Spark can make you an asset for data management teams. 

Database Administration

Database administration remains a core element of data management.

Employers value professionals who can oversee the design, implementation, and maintenance of their databases.

Proficiency in popular database systems like MySQLPostgreSQL, or Microsoft SQL Server is a plus.

Big Data Technologies

With the proliferation of big data, skills in managing and analysing large datasets are invaluable.

Cloud professionals who are well-versed in tools like Apache CassandraMongoDB, or data analysis with Python or R are highly sought-after.

Cloud-Specific Data Management

The cloud introduces unique challenges, and employers are keen on professionals who understand the intricacies of data management in cloud environments.

This includes cloud storage solutions like Amazon S3 or Azure Blob Storage, and the ability to work with data in platforms like AWS Redshift or Google BigQuery.


Check out the most sought-after cloud skills employers want to learn more.

How cloud professionals can improve their data management skills.

For cloud professionals looking to sharpen their data management skills, we recommend a multi-faceted approach.

Certifications that validate expertise

Start by exploring relevant certifications that validate your expertise, like AWS Certified Data Analytics, Microsoft Certified: Azure Data Engineer, or Google Cloud Professional Data Engineer.

These certifications not only expand your knowledge but also demonstrate your commitment to mastering data management.

Online data management courses

Online courses are another excellent way to upskill, and platforms like Coursera, edX, and LinkedIn Learning offer a wealth of options.

You can choose data management courses that align with your career goals, from data architecture to data engineering and beyond.

Learn by doing with hands-on projects

Remember, practice makes perfect, so consider hands-on projects and real-world applications of your data management skills to cement your knowledge.

Whether it's setting up a data lake, designing a database schema, or developing a big data analysis project, these hands-on experiences are super beneficial.

How we match employers with top data management professionals.

Ever wondered how the magic of matchmaking happens in the cloud industry? At RED Global, we know cloud and data management.

We understand the intricacies of data management roles and the cloud tech they support. This deep understanding allows us to connect you with the best-fit talent for the job.

Meticulous screening

Our role is about more than recruitment.

It’s about creating the perfect data management match for your unique goals. 

With our meticulous screening process, we not only ensure candidates possess the key data management skills you need, but also examine their cultural fit within your organisation.

Hand-selecting pre-screened candidates from our talent pool of  300,000+ professionals, we’re confident you’ll end up with a small number of perfect-match CVs, rather than 10 or more mediocre ones.

Data management skills: a journey, not a destination

Cloud professionals, remember that the journey doesn't end; it evolves. Continually enhance your data management skills to stay ahead in this dynamic field.

And employers, we want you to know that at RED Global, we’re dedicated to finding the best-matched talent for your data management needs.

The power of data management is real, and we’re here to help you harness it for your organisation's success.

If you’re a cloud professional ready to boost your data management skills, see our latest jobs. If you’re an employer looking for key cloud talent, book a strategy call with us now.


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