3 ways to stand out and supercharge your cloud career.

3rd January 2023

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It feels like almost every IT professional is specialising in cloud these days, and rightly so. Cloud popularity within global organisations has steadily grown over the past two decades but sharply rose during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

As the demand for cloud increased, IT professionals wisely developed their cloud skillset to enjoy competitive cloud salaries and several companies fighting over them. But these days, the market is saturated with cloud professionals - heating up the competition. 

This blog will help you stand out from your cloud competitors to get ahead in your cloud career and start earning more for your specialist skills. We’ll talk about the soft and hard skills you need to develop, cloud training options, and more. 

Let’s get started. 

The benefits of a career in cloud computing.

There’s a reason why cloud careers are a popular choice for so many tech professionals around the world. Learn more about the benefits of cloud jobs below. 

  • Lucrative: Many senior cloud professionals are earning 6 figure salaries. The entry-level pay is often very competitive too

  • Low-risk: With the threat of a recession increasing, cloud jobs will still be in high demand, as companies rely on the cloud - recession or not

  • Great benefits: Most cloud jobs come with fantastic benefits, such as health insurance, flexible work arrangements, and generous holiday pay

  • Opportunity: The opportunity within the cloud landscape is virtually limitless with new technologies coming to market all the time

Possible careers for cloud professionals.

So, what type of cloud jobs are out there? Learn more about the most popular cloud roles below. 

  • Cloud administrator: Cloud administrators are in charge of managing and maintaining all the cloud solutions a company uses and solving any issues that may arise

  • Cloud developer: A cloud developer is responsible for designing and developing cloud software for organisations or cloud vendors to fit a client’s brief

  • Cloud architect: A cloud architect is in charge of helping organisations create cloud strategies, consulting them on the right tech stack, and setting up the infrastructure.  

  • Cloud security professional: Cloud security professionals exist to keep an organisation's data safe, identify and mitigate cyber threats, and minimise downtime. 

Our tips for getting started in your cloud career.

Now that you know the basics of embarking upon a cloud career, let’s dive into our top tips for giving yourself a competitive edge in your cloud career. 

Get certified in the cloud

The first step to getting ahead in your cloud career is to attend the right courses to become a qualified cloud professional. It’s vital that you get certified in a cloud solution or multiple solutions to help you stand out from the crowd. Here are some examples:

AWS certification

Azure certification

Google Cloud certification

SAP certification

Enhance your personal brand

If you want to stand out in a competitive cloud market, working hard on your professional brand is an absolute must. Leverage social media platforms, like LinkedIn to highlight your accomplishments, show off your knowledge, and demonstrate your cloud skills

Ways to take advantage of LinkedIn:

  • Networking with potential employers

  • Networking with other cloud professionals

  • Posting blogs showcasing your knowledge

  • Writing topical posts related to the industry

  • Posting about your awards and achievements

Develop soft and hard cloud skills

When it comes to cloud computing, employers are looking for professionals who not only possess the technical skills needed to implement and maintain cloud technology. They want candidates who have strong soft skills too. 

Here are the most sought-after soft and hard skills employers look for.

Cloud technology skills 

You will need to develop a comprehensive understanding of the cloud technology you’ll be working with and be able to demonstrate this knowledge to your employer. We recommend specialising in at least one public cloud vendor, like AWS or GCP.

Communication skills 

Though you might be working with complex technology everyday, that doesn’t mean everyone else in your future workplace will. Employers want to know you have good communication skills so that you can describe complicated ideas in simple terms. 

Integration & multi-cloud skills 

It’s essential that you are skilled within different cloud environments, from SaaS to IaaS. Make sure you can confidently use a mix of cloud services, integrations, server types, and vendors to offer companies a wide range of cloud solutions. 

Problem solving skills

Your future employers are using cloud solutions to innovate, adapt, and evolve their entire business infrastructure. This means solving one problem after another to find a better way of doing things. You need to become the go-to person to offer solutions and lead this change.

Business development skills

Cloud professionals are unique in that they’re not simply executing IT projects. You’re helping to fuel business growth and transformation by increasing efficiency, productivity, and quality. So it’s important that you have a comprehensive understanding of how businesses work.

Analytical skills

A core part of your role as a cloud professional is to analyse, manage, and utilise massive amounts of company data. If this isn’t one of your strengths, make it one. Having strong data analysis and analytical skills are key to your professional success. 

Want to learn more about how to land your dream cloud role? Read our previous blog, “How to answer the 10 most common cloud interview questions and win the job.”

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