5 things you should know about a career in recruitment

22nd January 2021

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Things to Know About Career in Recruitment

Recruitment is an exciting industry.  It has its up and downs and can be challenging. But with challenge comes huge rewards.

I’m sure if you’ve ever considered a career in recruitment, you’ve probably been warned that it can be hard. Yes, of course, it can be. But it’s also hard having an easy job with zero passion, zero rewards and zero development opportunity.

Working in recruitment means you get to help people find success, whilst also going after your own.  It can be filled with twists and turns but with the right determination and work ethic, there is no limit to how far you can go. Choosing the right recruitment agency to work for is key though.

Read on to find out what a career in recruitment entails.

1. You will have development opportunities

In recruitment, you will learn skills that are priceless. Negotiation, communication, marketing, influence, relationship building, time management, listening skills, confidence, teamwork… the list is endless. These are skills that are transferable and will see you through your career, whether you stay in recruitment or not.

Depending on where you work, you could also have the opportunity to become a specialist in a specific market. 

At RED, we take training seriously and provide extensive inductions and ongoing support. For example, as an SAP recruitment agency, our new starters have a week long induction which includes two full days on SAP specific training. We don’t just put new starters on the phones on day one. They all go through a robust training programme which sets them up for success.

We have a 360-recruitment model in most of our business units, which means that sales and delivery are separate. This creates really exciting opportunities for you to start from the basics in delivery and work your way to sales. In delivery, you can learn how the industry works and gain strong interpersonal skills that you can later use to be successful in sales.

Progression into sales isn’t the only path for every delivery consultant though. Some of our delivery consultants have grown in their field to become delivery leads or account managers. There are many exciting career paths in recruitment depending on what you want to achieve.

2. You will have uncapped earning potential

Who wants to work hard day in and day out, put in loads of effort and then walk away month on month with the same measly salary?  Not us, that’s for sure.

In recruitment, your earning is directly related to your efforts.  It’s simple… the more work you put in, the more candidates you place into roles, and the more money you will make. Therefore, your earning is uncapped.  That’s not to say it’s easy to make the salary of your dreams. We won’t lie… it takes hard work.  But if you work with the right recruiter, they will identify your areas of development, give you the right training and support you to succeed.

We take great pride in enabling our consultants to reach their full potential and get the earnings they deserve. Here we have uncapped commission which means unlimited opportunities to make your fortune depending on the work that you put in. If you dedicate yourself to your field, it will pay off. This is one of the reasons we have some of the highest-earning consultants in the recruitment business. If you have the right work ethic and determination, one day that could be you.

3. You will be challenged and rewarded

Who doesn’t love a good challenge?! A career in recruitment means you’ll be challenged regularly, but that’s one of the reasons most recruiters are attracted to the role.

You’ll spend lots of time hunting down the right person for the job. That includes talking to clients and candidates, networking, looking at social media, checking out industry trends; and then trying to piece it all together to find the best fit. Finding that perfect person is incredibly rewarding.  And if you’re working with a major recruiter, you’ll be rewarded handsomely.

At RED, we offer plenty of rewards from the usual shopping vouchers, to trips abroad (pre-COVID of course, and hopefully soon post COVID too), to Director’s lunches and more.  Our incentives programme includes tailor-made incentives though where YOU get to choose your prize from a large list, rather than us just giving you a nice pen (that is so last decade).

4. You get to engage with people (and get paid for it)

Are you a people person? Do you enjoy talking to people and building relationships? Recruitment is all about the people you meet and talk to. So if you’re a social butterfly with a knack for dealing with people, then this could be the right career for you. And if you love talking to people but haven’t quite developed those networking skills yet, we have a training programme that will help develop and support you.

At RED, our consultants are constantly talking to candidates and clients. Before the pandemic, our consultants would be meeting clients internationally, developing business in person. In the times of COVID-19, having a job communicating with people as much as a recruitment consultant does on a daily basis can be a great advantage to help cope mentally compared to those roles in isolation without many conversations to others.

5. You will love the thrill of it

To say recruitment is fast-paced would be an understatement. A career in recruitment gives you variety and excitement. They say no two days are the same and that really is the truth.

You get to join a team of passionate, inspiring and energetic people who themselves enjoy the thrill of it all.

With development opportunities, skills being learned, high earnings and culture focussed on rewarding success, it is indeed a thrilling industry to be in.

At RED, pre-COVID, the most memorable thing that most interviewees talked about was the buzz in the office.  We are 100% remote working at the time of writing this, but we find other ways to ensure we are always celebrating deals made, ensuring that the business feels the collective feeling of accomplishment. We do look forward to the day though that we can all be back in the office with music playing, the RED buzz in the air and after work Friday drinks on the go.

We hope you’ll consider a career in recruitment.  If you’re on the fence though, feel free to get in touch with one of our amazing internal recruiters who will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

RED is actively hiring and we're looking for the right talent to join our growing team and push the business in the successful direction it has been heading, even during the pandemic.

Click here to learn more about what it’s like to be working for RED.

If you’re interested in joining RED, please contact our internal recruiters in our respective regions:

Our German offices – Alessa Bewer at abewer@redglobal.com

Alessa Bewer

UK – Seija Costley-Wood at scostleywood@redglobal.com

Seija Costley-Wood

USA – Kelly Hammer at khammer@redglobal.com

Kelly Hammer

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