RED ranked 3rd best tech recruiter

20th January 2021

Blog post

Best Tech Recruiter Agency - Ranked 3rd in Hot 10

The 2020 Recruiter HOT 10 Technology Recruiter List has just been published.  

We're super excited to announce that RED has been ranked as number 3.  

What a fantastic way to start the year.  This 3rd place on the Recruiter HOT 10 Technology list, up 2 spaces from last year, is testimony to our absolute commitment to recruitment within SAP.

The last few years we’ve gradually been making our way up the list as you can see below:

2020 – #3

2019 – #5

2018 – #6

2017 – #7

RED has worked incredibly hard over the years (20 years in fact) to build a team of the best recruitment talent in the industry. This is evident through these rankings. 

What’s our secret?

  • We invest in the training and development of our employees. They are SAP experts.
  • We train people properly before we get them on the phones calling up clients. We don't waste our client's time. 
  • We take the time to truly understand our client’s requirements. Our clients trust us. 
  • We don’t use a scattergun approach… we find only the best people to put in front of our clients. Our client's value our recommendations. 
  • We’re honest with our candidates and only put them forward for the right roles. They enjoy working with us. 
  • We look after our employees through training, support, rewards and opportunities. In turn, they look after our clients and candidates. 

If you want to work for a global SAP recruitment agency with a fantastic reputation, industry-leading tools and systems, career prospects and reward packages – get in touch with our in-house talent team today.

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