How to nail a video interview

13th April 2022

Blog post

Video interviews are commonplace these days, especially now more so than ever. They are convenient, offer up a cost savings in many instances and can progress a hiring timeline which would have been hindered if video wasn’t an option.  

Although they can seem quite daunting if it’s not something you’re used to, with some preparation it can go well.   

To avoid potential delays, get over awkward moments and make a good impression, here are our top tips: 

1. Treat is as a normal interview. 

A video conference interview should be taken just as seriously as a face to face interview. Check out our interview preparation advice on how best to get yourself interview ready. 

Ensure you prepare by thoroughly researching the business you’re interviewing for and the people who will be interviewing you.  Then learn your CV and achievements and practice answering common interview questions. This will help with your confidence, which is key in an interview.   

2. Prepare your space. 

A video interview gives the interviewers a chance to glimpse into your personal life. Keep your visible space neutral and ensure its well-lit. Set the camera lens at eye level so it’s more naturally positioned.  

 If you are unable to do the video interview in your own home, then do reach out to libraries, co-working spaces or even a friend and have it there.  
Print a copy of your CV and leave it in front of you just in case you need to refer to it. Also have a paper and pen handy in case you need to take any notes. 

3. Do a test run.  

Ensure your internet connection is strong and that your video tools are working properly. If you’re using a laptop, ensure you have your charger cable plugged in or get it charged ahead of time.  Do a full audio check on speakers and ear/headphones.  

Before your video interview, do a test run with a friend to ensure it’s all working perfectly. 

4. Engage. 

Start off by making a great first impression. Wear the same clothing you would if you were going in for a face to face interview. If you’re unsure how to dress, investigate the company culture via their online career pages or social channels.  

Ensure you maintain eye contact and be conscious of your body language. If you’re the type to use hand gestures, then do so where appropriate. 
Keep your mood positive and friendly. 

5. Ask questions. 

As per any normal interview, use the time to ask questions. This is your chance to find out just as much about the company and role as they will be finding out about you.  

Key to your success in a role is to ensure it’s the right match, for all parties. Hiring timelines may be taking a little longer than the norm now. So be sure to find out about the timelines so you end your interview knowing when to expect a decision.  

Find out if remote working is an option given the current situation across the globe. Ask about the onboarding process if you’re having to start and work remotely for a long period of time.  

6. Follow up.  


Now that you know the hiring timelines, follow up at a reasonable time. Let the interviewers know that you’re still interested in the role. Although it can be frustrating having to wait longer than usual for decisions, especially around start dates, keep in mind we’re all in unchartered waters together.  Keep communications open and remain positive.  

If you’re looking for an SAP role, get in touch with RED today. Our clients are hiring and many of our roles are remote working.  

If you’re working remotely and you’re in need of advice on how best to maintain productivity, check out our blog 




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