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8 interview mistakes to avoid if you want to land your dream SAP or tech job.

24th November 2022

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You've spent forever polishing your CV, sending applications, and writing cover letters. And after all that work, you finally have some SAP or tech interviews lined up. Success! But the hard work doesn't stop here. 

Getting through to the interview stage doesn't mean you have your SAP or tech career in the bag. Even the most desirable candidates can fall short, let themselves down, and make silly mistakes during the interview that ensure they don't get the job.

With such high stakes and your dream SAP or tech job within arm's reach, you can't just walk in blind. The most successful candidates are those that do the prep and don't make those common interview mistakes in the first place. 

But what are the interview mistakes our SAP and tech recruiters see most often? How can you avoid them? Keep reading, and you'll find out.  

Interview mistakes that will put your SAP or tech career in jeopardy.

From how you greet your interviewer to your clothing and general body language, your interviewer is taking everything into account to imagine what you might be like as an employee. 

To make sure they notice the good, not the bad - here are the top 8 interview mistakes you need to steer clear of. 

Falling short on experience or skills


Employers are looking for talent with highly specialized skill sets, experience, and technical knowledge for SAP and tech careers. 

In this space, many employers aren't hiring talent to "train them up." So you need to know what you're doing, as you're the professional they'll look to for answers. 

If you don't possess the skills, qualifications, or experience your employer needs, there are many ways you can acquire them so that you can apply for the position again in the future. 

SAP, for example, offers many SAP training programs you can enroll in. You can also ask companies if they'll take you on for work experience to help you get your foot in the door. 

Having unrealistic salary expectations


Though SAP and tech career paths are highly lucrative, our recruiters have noticed a common trend with SAP and tech interviews, where the candidate's salary expectations are too high compared to industry benchmarks. 

Unrealistic salary expectations can deter employers from presenting an offer, as they think you either won't accept it or will accept it while looking for a higher offer elsewhere.

To combat this common tech interview mistake, we recommend using RED's Salary Insight Tool to help you clarify your salary expectations based on rich data. 

Our Salary Hub contains salary data from over 10K SAP and tech candidates and can give you an accurate benchmark to work off for your interviews. 

Failing to do the research


You won't believe how many SAP and tech candidates let their dream careers slip through their fingers because they couldn't answer a basic question, like "what does our company do?" or "what do you think the main responsibilities of this role will be?" 

These questions help the interviewer establish your interest in the company and the role. We recommend you give yourself plenty of time before your SAP or tech interview to research your potential future employer. 

Check out their website and social media channels to learn more about their culture, company news, what they do, and their vision for the future. 

The more you can bring this information into your interview, the more you'll show your interviewer you're passionate about not just any SAP or tech career but this one.

Not appearing professional


That old saying that you should "dress for the job you want" still rings true. But all too many SAP and tech candidates are still showing up to interviews late, dressed like they're running errands, or even attending virtual interviews with inappropriate video backgrounds.

Our advice for landing your next SAP or tech job? Do the opposite of all those mistakes above. Show up to your interviews early, err on the side of formal for your outfit, and finally, make sure your virtual background is tidy, clear, and well-lit. 

Lacking enthusiasm for the role


As humans, we're very good at reading body language. And trust us, your interviewer can tell when you're feigning interest in the SAP or tech job you're interviewing for. You may think it's a good tactic to "act cool" or like you don't need the job. But it's really not. 

Employers want talent that cares about their jobs and loves what they do. If you can show them through your body language and how you interact with the candidate that you give a damn, you'll have a much better chance of success. 

So sit up straight, give your interviewer a warm greeting, and answer each question passionately. 

Having too much/not enough confidence


Our tech recruiters found that many unsuccessful candidates were either too confident or not confident enough for the role. 

If you come across as too confident, your interviewer might think you're not open to being challenged or won't be able to admit mistakes. If you're not confident enough, they may think you won't be able to take initiative or innovate.

If you're dealing with self-esteem issues, consider engaging in some confidence-boosting techniques, like writing down all the things you're good at and getting loved ones to give you a "pep talk." If you feel you might be overly confident, do the opposite and look at areas where you can improve. 

Explaining your experience poorly


Though you may have two degrees in SAP, a tech master, and ten years of experience building your SAP and tech career, that doesn't automatically make you a good communicator. 

Some candidates really struggle with explaining why they're suitable for the role and highlighting their best attributes, which can let you down in the interview stages. 

Whether you say too much about your previous experience or too little, you must practice your answers to experience-based questions. 

Our recruiters also recommend that you have real-life examples ready to back up your experience, so your interview can gauge the depth and richness of it. 

Criticizing your previous employers


Speaking badly of your previous employers is a big no-no.

This is not the time to moan about how your previous employer didn't give you enough holidays or put an impossible amount of work on your plate. It shows your interviewer that you're not easy to keep happy and find it hard to accept responsibility. 

So, make sure you avoid speaking poorly of not just your previous employers - but anyone in your next SAP or tech interview. If your interviewer asks why you left your last job, come up with reasons why it wasn't suitable - without all the naming and shaming.

The most important mistake to avoid? Not getting help from a SAP and tech recruitment partner


Though avoiding the most common mistakes will undoubtedly help improve your chances of getting offered the job you've been after, there is no better way to get ready for an interview than to ask a SAP and tech recruiter for support. 

RED Global supports you throughout your career transition, from applying to SAP and tech jobs to preparing for your next interview. We're here to set you up for interview success with candidate-first support, training, and access to the market's best SAP and tech roles. 

Get incredible support from recruitment consultants who know SAP and tech better than anyone else. 

Register with RED to get started. 


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