A global SAP roll-out team of over 100 SAP consultants at a leading manufacturer.




The initial engagement focussed on helping build a core SAP design and configuration team for a global SAP template. Building on the excellent relationship nurtured during the design phase, RED was engaged to build a global roll-out team. 

RED’s commitment to the client was further expanded as the roll-out continued in other countries where RED played a more hands on consulting role, by conducting the gap analysis across several crucial operating units. 

RED Global Solution

The expansion of SAP within the client led to a SAP Competence Centre being created. The client selected Budapest, Hungary, as the venue for the Competence Centre and engaged RED to find suitably talented resources to build this essential foundation unit for the ongoing support of SAP. 

Flexible resource was critical to enabling the SAP Competence Centre to deliver global roll-out projects and acquisition integration projects wherever needed. 

RED supported the client throughout their full build, roll-out and support SAP lifecycle, providing the specialist talent for each cycle and ensuring the business flexibility that was crucial to the client’s continued success. 

Cemex Case Study
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RED helped find the core permanent staff to build their Eastern European competency centre, including program managers, centre managers and support staff across logistics and finance.


100 expert SAP consultants

No less than 75 consultants were on the project simultaneously.


Case studies.

Case studies