Full SAP lifecycle support for a leading global manufacturer.

Full SAP lifecycle support for a leading global manufacturer.

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For the implementation of SAP across 300 of the clients’ associated companies, the tech giant needed to build an experienced and reliable roll-out team. 

Internal recruitment resources, however, weren’t able to deliver the consultants that were required for a project of this size and had exhausted all avenues of finding the correct quality and quantity of resources. Both local and global resources were needed to ensure the global templates complied with local needs. 

The client partnered with RED´s specialised recruitment team for full SAP lifecycle support to get access to the SAP consultants they needed for a successful implementation. RED and the client agreed on an initial 6-month period of exclusive engagement to help fill the relevant global demand for SAP consultants.

RED Global Solution

RED formed an experienced recruitment team that was 100% focussed on managing the task, ensuring a seamless roll-out. 

RED identified possible candidates from their own database and other external sources, approached and shortlisted candidates, qualified them for the opportunity and ran interview days, which took place in carefully chosen locations to maximise the attendance of talented SAP individuals. 

RED’s innovative recruitment campaign involved targeted recruiting into consulting firms nationwide, local Stuttgart-based SAP end users and the wider German SAP marketplace. RED was able to prove to have access to the right sources.

Bosch Case Study
Bosch Case Study



RED’s comprehensive access to the active and passive talent pool, RED was able to reach the best qualified SAP consultants and delivered the following:


367 qualified CV’s


215 initial interviews


71 final interviews


44 SAP hires


HR Generalist, Multinational Manufacturer -
RED only sends the most qualified and skill appropriate candidates, and I value the ethics and integrity of RED professionals.

HR Generalist, Multinational Manufacturer
September 2021

Case studies.

Case studies